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NBC’s Today Show Reports on Couples Who Want to “Grow Young Together”

Written by Welcome on December 30, 2011

In the past, many plastic surgery techniques were reserved only for the fairer sex.  Times have changed, and The Today Show is now reporting on couples who are seeking cosmetic treatment together.  The report features one couple—The Almeases—who had cosmetic treatments together to “slow the signs of aging.”  The pair…Read More

The Looks We Look To: How Hollywood Affects Plastic Surgery

Written by Welcome on December 27, 2011

While each patient’s plastic surgery needs are unique, many look to their favorite celebrities to help set their own cosmetic goals.  In fact, a recent report from The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS) lists some commonly sought-after celebrity looks, citing a group of British plastic surgeons.  According to…Read More

James Bond Star Says He May Need BOTOX® Soon

Written by Welcome on December 23, 2011

English actor, Daniel Craig, was recently quoted on the possibility that he may need Botox in the near future.  Craig, who starred in the two most recent James Bond films, also lends his ability to the 2011 film, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.  Now at the center of two…Read More

Flushing Woman Caught Performing Illegal Surgery in Las Vegas

Written by Welcome on December 19, 2011

According to a recent report from KTNV-TV in Nevada, a 55 year old woman from Flushing, Queens was arrested for performing an illegal cosmetic procedure in a Las Vegas home.  Jing Qu—who is unlicensed to practice medicine in New York or Nevada—was allegedly caught in the act of performing eyelid…Read More

Top 5 Cosmetic Surgeries for Women

Written by Welcome on December 12, 2011


The American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) is the world’s largest plastic surgery specialty organization and publishes yearly statistics on cosmetic surgery.  The organization has released their 2010 data and the report is surprising.  In 2010, there were over 1.5 million surgical cosmetic procedures performed and over 11.5 million minimally-invasive…Read More

JWoww Speaks Out Against Plastic Surgery Rumors

Written by Welcome on December 9, 2011

The famous—or perhaps, infamous—JWoww has recently spoken out, denying rumors that she underwent cosmetic surgery on her face.  JWoww, born Jennifer Farley, is a native of Upstate New York, but it’s Jersey where she made a name for herself.  An original cast member on MTV’s hit series, Jersey…Read More

Ali Lohan Denies Claims of Plastic Surgery

Written by Welcome on December 5, 2011

Ali Lohan, younger sister of the infamous Lindsay Lohan, is denying all rumors that she has undergone plastic surgery to alter her appearance.  The seventeen year old aspiring model was recently the focus of heavy media speculation that she went under the knife at far too young an age.  Recent…Read More

Mommy Makeover: Bringing Back the Pre-Baby Body

Written by Welcome on December 2, 2011

A woman’s body changes following the birth of a child.  Often, these changes are unwelcome and can cause a great deal of distress.  Recent mothers often complain of loose skin, stretch marks and sagging or deflated breasts.  Thankfully, there are treatment options available.

A wildly popular direction in the world of…Read More

Did Kate Gosselin Have Work Done?

Written by Welcome on November 23, 2011

A famous working mother of 8 children, 36-year-old reality star Kate Gosselin is looking particularly good lately. So has she had plastic surgery? A recent article speculates on the procedures that Kate could theoretically have had to keep her looking as camera-ready as she does.

What Might Account for Kate’s…Read More

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